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Seamless connectivity collaboration

Seamless Connectivity & Collaboration

The cloud represents the opportunity for greater collaboration, seamless file sharing, and unparalleled accessibility.

With extensive experience in the implementation, deployment, and seamless integration of cloud services, PCe Solutions is well-versed in delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), helping you transition your physical servers to the cloud.

Additionally, we’ve helped our clients adopt hybrid cloud setups, allowing internet works to work in tandem with older legacy solutions and/or physical servers. We also offer our own Calgary-based private cloud for the ultimate in security and Regulatory Compliance.

Future-proof your operations with robust cloud solutions

While the cloud is a game-changer for business, the key to harnessing its full potential lies not just in the technology itself but in the methodology. Your cloud strategy should be tailored to your company’s structure, whether centralized or decentralized, your business objectives, and your unique security requirements.

At PCe Solutions, our team of IT experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the cloud landscape, offering guidance on public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions to craft an approach that perfectly aligns with your needs.

The Benefits of PCe Solution’s Cloud Services

  • Cutting-edge collaboration solutions
  • Easy file sharing and file backups
  • IaaS and SaaS solutions
  • Hybrid cloud setups (physical servers interacting with cloud servers)
  • Regulatory compliant solutions
  • Strong security mitigation tools and firewalls
  • Private cloud solution with internally owned servers

Cloud Services

Over the last few years, more businesses have turned to the cloud to future-proof their business. Cloud services allow you to work anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices – and today, more than ever, cloud solutions are the backbone to ensuring an effective remote workforce environment.

We can help with:


Cloud Migration & Management


Cloud Backup & Storage


Cloud Security


DaaS / IaaS

Cost effective cloud solutions

Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions save you time and money

With our cloud services, you pay for what you use. The shift to a subscription-based and consumption-driven cloud model provides several advantages for businesses regarding financial management. Traditionally, investing in IT infrastructure required substantial upfront capital expenses, which could strain a company’s budget.

The cloud model replaces these high upfront costs with manageable operational expenses. This shift from capital expenditures to operational expenditures allows you to allocate resources more efficiently, adapt to changing needs, and maintain financial stability.

Scalability flexibility

Scalability & Flexibility

Cloud solutions that meet you where you are

One of the key advantages of the cloud model is its scalability. Businesses can easily scale their resources up or down according to demand. With cloud services, you can quickly deploy new technologies, scale your infrastructure to handle increased workloads, or even reduce resources during slower periods, all without the hassle of hardware procurement or the sunk costs of unused equipment.

Cloud services are accessible from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. This global reach is especially valuable for businesses with remote or distributed teams, as it enables collaboration and access to resources regardless of location constraints. It also allows for better disaster recovery planning, as data can be securely stored in multiple locations around the world.

Business it

Contact us to learn more about how our Cloud Services can benefit your business

If your business is not on the cloud yet, it’s time! At PCe Solutions, our Cloud Services not only transform the financial aspects of your IT investments but also provide the agility, accessibility, and security necessary to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Cloud technology at your fingertips provides you with the capabilities to transform the way you do business. Contact us today to learn more.

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