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Clinent consultation

At PCe, we are selective of the clients we work with.

Our typical engagement process ensures there is a qualified IT requirement, budget, and cultural fit before we formally propose our managed IT services.

Our goal is a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership, so we look for clients who place high value on honest, reliable, secure, standardized IT services that follow IT best practices whenever possible. And just to ensure we maintain a fruitful long-term relationship, we will always look for ways to reduce costs for our clients throughout the entire course of our business relationship. It is our goal to make your IT operations a reliable, efficient, well-oiled machine.

How we do it

We initiate budget conversations right from the start, ensuring that our services align with the financial capabilities of our clients, ultimately qualifying those who can invest in our expertise and respectfully disqualifying those who can’t.

Team 1

Step 1: Learn

The first and most important step is to learn about each other’s organizations to see if there is a potential fit. For us, this includes budgetary, technical, and cultural alignment. Our engagement process ensures that PCe gets to know each prospect as much as possible from the start. This is accomplished via an initial phone or video call.

Step 2: Assess

If it looks like there is potential for a partnership between your organization and PCe Solutions, we will schedule an Onsite Assessment to have a look under the hood. We’ll inventory your network and assess its general health based on industry Best Practices. This important first step lets us determine the services you will require; plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to see how PCe works and meet some of our Team members.

Step 3 – Propose

Once we have the results back from the assessment, assuming we’re comfortable supporting your environment, and you’re interested in working with us, we’ll put together an amazing proposal that covers our scope of services, pricing, time frame, and summarize the results of our recent assessment in detail.

Step 4 – Support

We’ll send you an official IT managed services agreement; once signed, our Project Services Team will coordinate with you to plan the onboarding, activation, and eventual IT support of your end-users and computing systems with a Go-Live date within 15 days. We will then provide you and your staff with an orientation of PCe’s services so everyone knows how IT Support services will work going forward.

Step 5 – Build

We know that relationships are not built overnight, and we believe that trust is earned over time. Like fine wine, we believe that we get better with age. Over the course of your support agreement, we will get to know your preferences and customs through regular support requests, capital projects, strategy reviews, and will form a synergy that will simply work with your existing workflows.

Our proactive approach to IT means we’ll know what you need before you even have to ask.

Our team combines advanced monitoring tools, predictive analytics, and a deep understanding of your business operations. This means we’re not just fixing problems when they arise; we’re actively working behind the scenes to prevent them from occurring in the first place. By anticipating your needs, we free you from the burden of constantly having to request support. You can focus on growing your business with the confidence that your IT infrastructure is in capable hands.

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