HaaS (Hardware as a Service)

PCe Solutions HaaS services provide a truly hassle-free hardware solution

Why Hardware as a Service (HaaS)?

We are proud to offer an affordable, all-in-one, packaged solution that allows you to maintain your company’s computer and hardware networks. Through HaaS, you pay for the use of hardware and equipment as a monthly service. In doing so, you avoid the very high costs that come with reoccurring hardware upgrades and improvements. You also get the added benefit of seamless upgrades to your technology on a regularly. Your business is kept ‘evergreen’ for a set predictable monthly fee, always using the latest technology available. Never fall behind the curve again.

Additional Features and Highlights

  • Reduced Capital Expense
  • New Systems Every Three or Five Years
  • Say Goodbye to Obsolescence
  • System Standardization
  • Scalability
  • Better Security

Typically, businesses purchase their hardware, computers, servers, and so on outright. The upfront cost constitutes a substantial capital expense, often on a semi-annual basis.

In addition to the considerable expense, this also represents a significant expenditure of time, planning for, procuring, and purchasing this new equipment.

PC solutions offers Hardware as a Service (HaaS). This service allows you to lease your hardware with built-in maintenance and regular upgrades. Instead of a capital expenditure cost, you now have an operational expense and a hands-off solution for your ongoing hardware upgrade needs.

Here’s a quick list of what you get working with PCe Solutions

  • Hands-off, hassle-free computer hardware solution
  • Custom-tailored hardware solutions
  • Capital expenditures become an operating expense
  • Built-in upgrades
  • Reduced load on internal IT staff
  • Staying on the cutting edge of technology
  • Reduced hardware-related downtime
  • Smoother day-to-day operations

Do You Need to Renovate Your Technology Without Breaking the Bank?

What Our Clients Are Saying

We think we’re great at what we do and so do our clients.

Aside from ensuring that our systems are always up to date and maintained, we enjoy PCe’s transparency and clear communication. They advise us when we need to make changes and we are never surprised or left wondering. …More

Kathleen D
Accounting Firm

The biggest difference we noticed was the quality of service. We now have a network system that is reliable and years ahead of the sorry state it was in just a few months ago. I went from worrying if we were even going to have …More

Alex L
Office Manager
Engineering Firm

PCe, consistency has been the biggest benefit. We used to have our IT managed by separate companies in each of the cities we do business in. PCe now manages all our locations and is helping us find ways to centralize and streamline our IT operations even more. Things just run much …More

Cindy R
Vice President
Assisted Living & Healthcare

With PCe, waiting for support is no longer an issue. They are very responsive and resolve any issues we report very quickly. Unlike many other firms in the city, they also fully support Mac environments which was a big challenge …More

Tyler C
National Marketing Firm

Thanks to PCe, we now receive consistent quality service. PCe assigned a dedicated IT manager to our account who is well versed in our systems and is able to assist us quickly and efficiently at a moment’s notice. PCe always …More

Kerry M

I can say that aside from their transparent cost-structure their service excellence and knowledge has been a big improvement. What I like about PCe compared to other companies is that they are not constantly trying to sell …More

Dr. Rahul M
Dental Clinic

PCe has been able to smoothly handle the IT operations of two of our companies and company networks and helped us determine and make sense of where to delineate and where to merge network operations. Their regular on-going support and …More

Katie P
Business Development Manager
Oil & Gas

Aside from the support from PCs I have enjoyed the transparency and straightforward nature of their monthly billing. Regardless of whether we have a busy or slow month, I pay one fixed monthly fee and there are no hidden …More

Dr. Camellia P
Dental Clinic

With PCe, we have a dedicated IT manager assigned to our account. Our PCe consultant understands our network inside and out and fully understands the integration between our various industry specific programs. We also have a …More

Brent R
Van Line & Transportation Services

PCe Offers IT Consulting & Services For Today’s Business

The right people combined with the right solutions make your business technology the perfect, efficient mix.

Managed Services

Your should be the master of your technology, not its slave. Our expertise at connecting you with the best tools will make operating your business a pleasure. Rather than you working for technology, it will work smoothly for you. Our confidence will become yours.

Professional Services

PCe solutions can work with your existing in-house technology staff, or we can become your dedicated it department, making sure that your daily workflow goes smoothly and seamlessly. Speak to us today to determine the best fit for you and to understand how we can bring it all together.


A cyber security breach could be incredibly damaging and stressful for your business. PCe Solutions makes sure your digital house is secure. This can include a combination of software, as well as security education for your staff.

HaaS & Procurement

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) can be a game-changer for many businesses. PCe Solutions can explain the benefits, implement the plan that’s best for you and bring the best of all the world’s leading HaaS vendors to your business.

Cloud Service

Cloud services can reduce load on your local computers, reduce security vulnerabilities, Make backups much more automated, and virtually eliminate downtime. PCe Solutions is here to help you implement and choose the right cloud services.

Unified Communications & VoIP

VoIP can dramatically improve the ease of use and integration of your everyday business communications. For many businesses, VoIP softphone Solutions may be ideal. VoIP business phone solutions usually come with dramatically reduced monthly costs. Speak to us today about void the communication for your business.

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